Sunday, January 14, 2007

You keep using that word "transparency" ...

... only because you are an idiot.

WE CAN PLAY THAT GAME, TOO. A depressing number of the Blogging Tories apparently consider themselves overwhelmingly clever in their ability to come up with demeaning names for Canada's Liberals. First, there was "Libranos," which has since been supplanted by the wildly popular "Fiberals." Which, I will admit, was mildly amusing the first 200 times I read it. But now that PM Stephen Harper has been caught bare-assed lying about a compensation pay-off to Alan Riddell, maybe it's time for a similarly amusing nickname for the CPoC.

God knows that the BTs will never give up on the "Fiberals" label. It wouldn't matter if Harper's government turns out to be the most corrupt in the history of planetary development (and, by all indications, it's well on its way there). No, Canada's wankers have very much the one-way, ratchet mindset. Once a "Fiberal," always a "Fiberal." They're so cute that way.

So what can we offer in return? Come on, folks, give it some thought. It should be critical, insulting, demeaning and mildly offensive but, above all, funny. And, most importantly, it should emphasize that they're bald-faced liars.

Give it some thought. The lines are open.

MY CONTRIBUTION TO THE CAUSE: The Confabulation Party of Canada. No, I'm not going to explain it -- you can look it up.


ootpoot said...

How about "Lying Whores", or "Fucking Lying Whores"?

Anonymous said...

Convict Party of Canada?

Anonymous said...

I still like CRAP Canadian Reform Aliance Party

Anonymous said...

Would "Con Artists" be too civil?

Ti-Guy said...

"Dateless wonders."

On Connie name-calling: I've always liked "Theft-Wing Fiberals," the brilliance of which some drooling buckethead over at SDA considered unsurpassed.

The defining characteristic of current Conservatism is the appalling adolescence of its supporters and public figures.

Mes Amis said...

It is so unlike us to call them names and points out their flaws...
but I'll give it a shot.

Clown Party of Calgary
CuP o Crap
Corporate Pirates of Catastrophe
Co-opted Psychos of Capitalism
Certified Practitioners of Crazy
Crybaby Party of Conceit
Clue Clucks o' Clanada
-Now with added brown people goodness!

It's almost too easy.

Anonymous said...

Counterfeit Party of Canada?

Anonymous said...

CPoC = Continuous Pushers of Crap

the rev. said...

naah, i think ootpoot hit the nail on the head.