Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Uh oh ... here come the flying monkeys.

Well, you knew it was coming ... apparently, Kate's Orcish minions have arrived to pollute my comments section with their typical, self-obsessed, pretentious whining.

Appreciate, of course, the idea of their taking advantage of my publicly available blog and comments section to defend Kate's locking me out of hers even to read it.

It would be funny if it weren't so ... nah, it's just funny.

P.S. I'd try to explain (given the existence of proxy servers) the futility of Kate's efforts but I'm guessing that any moderately technical explanation directed at any of the Katettes wouldn't be any more productive than, oh, this:


jedwards said...

Spot on! you do have a way of shedding light on the subject, cc, most brilliantly.

Anonymous said...

You are truly fucking thick. It doesn't matter that you can get around the ban, it only matters that it pisses you off.

So simple, even an idiot like lyou should be able to understand.

catnip said...

You're not the only one coming under attack. See here and here.

Thou shalt not offend Kate because, apparently, thou dost offend all conservatives/libertarians/right-wingers/people who agree with here if you do so.

Can you say "manufactured crisis"?


Anonymous said...


Oh Kate is no libertarian that's for sure.

This is a completely manufactured crisis.

Ironically, when her pro-Conservative screed showed up in this weekend's Ottawa Citizen's predictions for the coming Parliamentary session, she tried to describe herself as an "Ordinary Canadian"

She's about as far from "ordinary Canadian" you can get while still being on this side of the border.

Oh and anon, in case you missed it (and clearly you have) this appears to amuse CC more than piss him off, so by all means keep doing it.

CC, she needs to do no is threaten to sue you and you can be in the same league as MWW. You must be doing something right....

Scotian said...

Funny thing, my parents (who have been breeding/showing showdogs for a quarter century now which means that I have one thing in common with the least common denominatrix that being attending dog shows, although she makes some of our flakier members in this area seem downright salt of the earth stable by comparison) have this exact same cartoon up. Indeed, it is a favourite among many local breeders from what I've seen and heard. Given the interest the least common denominatrix has said about her involvement in breeding, dog training, and dog shows I find your use of this particularly hilarious and fitting! Perhaps that is where her blogging style came from, she certainly tries to portray herself as an alpha pack leader to her beta followers/pack (comentators/fan club) although she is far too whiny, insecure, and cowardly (as demonstrated by her blocking of your reading her site, her history of banning commentators that she doesn't like challenging her, her history of rewriting other peoples comments when she was sysadmin to the Shotgun blog and so on) to actually deserve being seen as an alpha anything. If she had to face a real alpha in challenge in person she comes off as someone that would tuck tail, roll over on her belly and show throat, at least that has been my impression to date fromt he past couple of years or so.

Anonymous said...

Not quite, first she has to suggest that your kids are locked up in rooms and developmentally challenged, - Then she has to suggest that all people of your race need your kids to be institutionalized in residential schools - because the first time round was such a rouding success! --And then she ALSO has to threaten to sue you. Then you hit it big-time in the Kate-Hate-A-Thon. :) MW

catnip said...

You know...I used the same cartoon on my blog about SDA's readers once. But I'm too lazy to search for the post...

Who threatened to sue whom for what? Dish (as the younger set says).