Friday, January 19, 2007

They're not stupid, they're ... well, OK, they're stupid.

From the "Man, That Was Bad Timing" file, we have the Republican sleaze machine from back in 2002:

Ghoulish but true: as Minnesota mourns the death of Senator Paul Wellstone, many of the state's residents have been receiving fliers bearing a picture of a tombstone. The fliers, sent out by a conservative business group, denounce the late senator's support for maintaining the estate tax. Under the tombstone, the text reads in part: "Paul Wellstone not only wants to tax you and your business to death . . . he wants to tax you in the hereafter."

Yeah, I'll bet they wish they had that one back. Sort of the way Steve Janke and Damian Penny's Pajamas Media colleague Gerard Vanderleun wishes he could have a mulligan on this one.

Then again, maybe we shouldn't be so hard on Gerard. I mean, breast cancer can be funny. Maybe not female genital mutilation funny but, then again, what is?

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe what disgusting scum these BTs are. OHG they totally make sick. Like vomit on my shoes sick. Thank god for you CC. Keep fighting the good fight, my man! Yer like Charlton Heston leading his people to the sacred land, just without the religious overtones! LOLOL! But really, hang in there. We need you to expose these scumbags and NAZIS for the people they really are, and nobody does it better than MY MAN cc!