Friday, January 19, 2007

Stevie Boy taking a page from George's playbook.

Once upon a time, U.S. Vice-President Dick "Piss off or I'll shoot you in the face" Cheney formed an Energy Task Force to get "advice" on how to, well, screw over Americans. When the public wanted to know what was going on behind those closed doors, Dick told them all to fuck right off (emphasis added):

President Bush the Younger’s administration flatly refuses to release the records of Vice-President Dick Cheney’s energy task force meetings to the General Accounting Office (GAO)...

The Bush administration insists that it’s the “basic fundamental principle,” as Vice President Cheney calls it, of the idea that is the source of its refusal, not any imaginary linkage to the Enron debacle. The White House, so the argument goes, wouldn’t get good advice should the advice be made public.

Does that sound familiar? It damned well should:

Mr. Khan had said he would share the information he gathered. But Mr. Harper and his office continue to refuse to release it.

"The Prime Minister receives advice from plenty of advisers," the official said. "If that advice were to become public there would be very little value to it and ultimately good advice becomes government policy. Bad advice doesn't become government policy."

It's pathetic that Harper and his collection of swine can't even come up with their own feeble rationalizations. It's doubly pathetic when his collection of obedient blogging wankers are gullible enough to buy that fairy tale:

More to the point, it could be very sensitive advice. When the police recieve a tip on a most wanted criminal, for example, sometimes the best course of action is to release the information to the public...but sometimes not. It depends on the situation.

Another Blogging Tory law student. Jesus, how can they all be that moronic?


Adam C said...

What you're missing, CC, is that running an accountable and open government is very much like being a police detective. They, um, they both, um, no really, uh, sometimes the same kind of techniques work in both cases, like, um... look, one gets advice, and the other gets tips, and tips and advice are practically the same thing so it's the SAME THING and you have to treat it the SAME WAY. Duh.

Anonymous said...

The problem here, as CC has pointed out in other posts, is that PMSH claimed that Kahn's report WOULD BE MADE PUBLIC when it was completed.

Now it is mysteriously secret since Kahn is now part of HarperCreep's Secretive Psychopaths(tm).

Like his sudden "interest" in being Green, I think Harper's "open accountability" is a facade meant to hide something far uglier that most Canadians would not like.

Ti-Guy said...

I love how the Connies indulge in all kinds of speculation in order to rationalise the actions of people with power. How much sniveling and groveling and rolling over and peeing on their bellies can these people do?

They'd have been the Germans who defended Hitler. Make no mistake about that.

Anonymous said...

LOL, right on Ti-Guy. They're all NAZIS! Totally man, and moronic swine too! Ha ha ha! Blogging Tories suck! Whooooooo!

Ti-Guy said...

Reeled in a 'nonny. It is really that easy.