Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Stephen Harper: Standing up for Canada.

I don't understand why people are getting so bent out of shape about the new Conservative Party attack ads on Stephane Dion. If I may, let me propose some return fire.

[Voice over] "Stephen Harper ... he promised that cabinet positions would be filled only from the ranks of elected parliamentarians ..."


"... he promised to not tax income trusts ..."


"... he promised to exclude natural resource revenue from equalization payments ..."


"... he promised to support women's rights ..."


"... and he promised a more open, accountable and transparent government."


"Stephen Harper: Would you trust this man to protect the sanctity of your heterosexual marriage?"


Anonymous said...

The attack ads, like the CPoC performance in QP yesterday are a case of "The Emperor's New Clothes" - the CPoC has none, and they are trying to hide it.

(Granted, the mental image of pot-bellied Stephen prancing around Parliament Hill makes me want to reach for a bottle of brain bleach!)

Anonymous said...

One more promise bites the dust. SH said in parliament and in several press conferences that "all" victims (pre86+post90) of Hep C from contaminated blood would be compensated. Current proposal excludes anyone infected before Jan 1958. How is that "all" victims.

See www.pre86hepc.com for details.

Anonymous said...

Way to hotlink and steal someone else's bandwidth, ass.

catnip said...

Ya CC. Linking is against the law. Everybody knows that.

Anonymous said...

hotlinking an image, you retard. Not just linking to another site.
Read before you comment, ass:

CC said...

"anonymous" is right -- it was inconsiderate to link to an image on someone else's site so I've uploaded it to Blogger. I trust we're good now.

And "anonymous" -- the next time, you could just ask, you know.

Crabgrass said...

Why doesn't anyone ever call me "ass"?

catnip said...

"retard" "ass"

That, coming from someone who won't even post their name or nickname. pfffft...

Do you beat up on puppies too?

eb said...

Yeah, he does.

And baby seals too.

And... you know... babies.

georgine said...

but but..to get back to ol' tubby stevie boy...
to be fair he did promise to put armed troops on our streets and now he's gonna!

And they call Vancouver no fun city now!

And and, he lowered the gst by 1 (whole)% so now I just shop til I drop supporting the canadian economy I do I do. Sheeesh!

And the entire SSP thing has me all aquiver, NOT!

When is the election??