Friday, January 19, 2007

Simple answers to simple questions.

Olaf asks:

Hey Dion, remind me again why we need the Liberals?

Because the Conservatives need to steal their policy from someone.

This has been another edition of "Simple answers to simple questions."

(H/T Atrios.)


Anonymous said...

Couldn't they just steal their ideas from the NDP, or even the Greens? But point taken.

Mes Amis said...

Why not go for a simple trifecta for all matters concerning Loaf and his cohorts?

"Simple answers to simple questions from simple minds,"

Yes, our job is to bring the level of Canadian political discourse back to it's natural place in the order of things.
Somewhere between mud wrestling and catching a greased pig.

Slap it thick K-K-K-Kate. I'll give you a three count head start then I'm coming for you.
Couldn't resist that one

Ti-Guy said...

God, a whole frikkin' year of a Conservative government and their shills in campaign mode. What waste of time this has been.