Friday, January 26, 2007

Jarrett Plonka smackdown: The Reader's Digest Condensed Version.



Simon said...

Wow, I just learned that "KerPlonka" means

"2) The sound of a moonbat being bitchslapped"

Apparently Jarrett fancies himself the wankersphere's answer to CC! Let the battle begin! What, it's over??

P.S. check out Jarrett's hard-hitting analysis of the SOTU speech:

Ti-Guy said...

I don't think Jarrett's all that bad, frankly. Admittedly, the Blogging Whories set a pretty low bar, but still. Unless I'm wrong (and I could be...I don't read Blogging Tory blogs anymore) he doesn't post about bloody fucking dhimmis and Islamocommiefascists and "culture clashes leading sadly, but inevitably, to genocide," does he?

Besides, he's minoring in French, of all things...

Simon said...

Hmmm, upon further review, the Kerplonkanator indeed seems to have a brain and the desire to use it, which, if true, would obviously set him apart from the Daffy Dumb-Dumbs and Steve Jankes. I still think his analysis of the SOTU speech (especially about Bush's effectiveness) was amusing though.

So...I wonder what the crap about bitchslapping "moonbats" is about. While I didn't go back very far into his posts, I saw no attempts of the kind.