Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Dear Kate: About those equalization payments ...

Via Cowboys for Social Responsibility, we learn that that the good people of Saskatchewan are slowly awakening to what sort of lying douchebag Stephen Harper really is:

During the last federal election, Harper promised that a Conservative government would give Saskatchewan a better deal on equalization.

He promised that non-renewable resource revenues—strictly a provincial source of revenue—would be excluded from a future equalization deal under the Conservatives. Excluding resource revenues is only fair because under the constitution they belong solely to the province, not to the federal government or other provinces.

The Conservative promise was based on principle and is the right thing to do.

However, a principled stand and a firm promise seem to have given way to political expediency.

Yes ... yes, they have. But given that staunch right-wing hack Kate McMillan lives in Saskatchewan, one might have thought she'd have something to say about this, so one can wander over to SDA and search on the word "equalization," to find that the most recent SDA post containing that word appears to be all the way back on Oct 16, 2006 (emphasis added):

If Harper's governance is representative of the political hard-right, then how does [Susan Delacourt] explain the continued existence of the Canada Health Act? Provincial equalization payments? Spending on foreign aid? Federal child care payments? The absence of major income tax reforms to reduce the punitive effects on high income earners?

Why, yes, Kate ... how about those provincial equalization payments, which you appear to be touting back in October, but have fallen strangely silent about lately? I'm guessing that, for Kate, political expediency trumps provincial self-interest.

Why does Kate McMillan hate Saskatchewan?


Ti-Guy said...

I'm guessing that, for Kate, political expediency trumps provincial self-interest.

She's either still cobbling together the talking points with which to favour her minions and flying monkeys, or she'll simply throw her hands up in the air and proclaim, as she did with the Emerson floor-crossing and her exhortation to her following not to worry about being mistaken (meaning talk first, think later) that life is complicated and she's a woman of contradictions.

...or maybe the men in white coats finally found her bunker and hauled her away, finally.

Anonymous said...

Why does Kate hate Saskatchewan?

Hello? What is there that Kate doesn't hate, except the Conservative Party, George Bush, The Republicans and America and her little dogs and motorcycle?

I mean Kates' Hate of so many things and people and peoples is so immense.
She is like Singularity Hatred.
Hatred so massive it keeps collapsing into itself in waves of contradictions and vulgarities to such a degree that even when caught out acting like a bigot, she turns logic on it's head to try and claim that her bigotry is a virtue and what's more, if anybody doesn't share it, they are sick, twisted, bent etc.

Kate is perhaps good for Canada. If there is an infection that is not healing, it generally needs to be countered with both lancing and draining the wound, and antibiotics. That's what Kate is good for. She is like the ultimate example of racist Canada. She is the infection. By her writing, and by the fact that we can see so many people come out of the woodwork to her site, (i.e. the pus of the infection draining) we can see that Canada has a long way to go to escape racism.

So Kate helps. It's actually better this way. Before the bigots would hide their true feelings, and only ever open up when they had privacy and after a few beers. Kateworld is like a continuous non-stop white supremacy meeting. It never shuts down. The doors are always open. And Kate is always there to feed them the redmeat. And these people are so deluded, including Kate herself that because they can shout down whomever disagrees with them, that they represen "most canadians" when in fact, most of these people come to Katworld so much because everywhere else real they would get their heads knocked in for spouting off what they say in the comments section there.

So It's good. Racism is the wound, Kate is the infection, her following of winged chimps are the pus.

Now we just need to find a damn antibiotic.