Friday, January 26, 2007

Damn ... where can *I* get street creds like that?

Refresh my memory ... how exactly did this guy come to be regarded as a prominent, political pundit?

BONUS WINGNUTTERY: At that blog post, commenter Jordan Alcock wants his turn to feel Cheney's nutsack flopping against his chin as he gushes:

I saw that interview, he really put Wolf Blitzer in his place several times.

The same reason I've always liked Cheney.

which is an interesting comment to make as I'm assuming one of those "times" is when Cheney teed off on Wolf about asking questions about Cheney's lesbian daughter Mary, to which Cheney snapped back that Wolf was "out of line," which is an interesting position for Cheney to take since, as John points out, Cheney has never uttered a peep in defense of his daughter when she's been savagely reviled by the wingnut Right but weirdly goes after Wolf for saying, "Your daughter Mary, she's pregnant. All of us are happy." and describing Mary as a "good daughter."

Attaboy, Jordan. Good wingnut. Here's a biscuit. And don't forget to wipe your chin.


Ti-Guy said...

Yeesh. All the pre-mature ejaculation by All-Cock and Daffy in public like that is just a little creepy.

I love how Daffy appreciates Cheney's "telling it like it is" (which is utterly and completely meaningless, if not simply a blatant lie); that certainly does not extend to the commentary Daffy never allows through his moderation queue.

Daffy's going to seriously regret he ever put his own name to any of the his brainless blather.

Anonymous said...

Wolf was out of line. He shouldn't, and wouldn't ask a "question" based on a press release from the KKK, so why Focus on the Family?

Simon said...

Anon: because Focus on the Family is a neocon ally, and because news reporters love stories about allied factions fighting with each other.

As for Daffy Duckfall, what the hell is he talking about "telling it like it is"? Cheney's entire raison d'etre is to lie in order to dupe the public to push through radical and destructive domestic and foreign policies. I swear that Daffy is getting dumber and dumber with each breath he takes (assuming, generously, that he is not a robot).

catnip said...

Cheney's deluded fan base at SDA has chimed in as well. He gets more love there than he does in the US. What's wrong with that picture?