Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Blogging Tories atrocities: Jan 23, 2007.

Behold ... the wankitude:

  • You know, Erin, those people might be more convinced that you gave a shit if you didn't spell it "Dukabours".

    P.S. As a Blogging Tory, you might want to be careful about suggesting that "we have to close the books on the past and build on our legacy of an open, tolerant nation or risk playing pandering, race-card politics." That sort of open-minded compassion and plea for tolerance is not going to get you invited to the CPoC Christmas party.

  • On behalf of the Blogging Tory community and with respect to the Maher Arar situation, let me just say ... ah, whatever.

  • Apparently, Stephen Taylor is just freakin' "awesome" when he courageously stands up for free speech. That's a pretty low bar you have down there in Bowling Green, Pete.


Ti-Guy said...

I have more faith in the US than I do in our commission. If the US still considers him a threat after all this pressure, somethings not right. We will see.

So, the lil' Bloggin' Tory thinks our legal system rests on faith and not on the rules of evidence?

What Canadian madrassah did this dweeb graduate from?

M@ said...

Hey, I'd have more faith in the US's pronouncements than in Canada's open and public commission, too.

If I was an authoritarian pants-wetter, I mean.