Wednesday, January 24, 2007

And over at the He-Man Woman Haters Club ...

... we can get our fill of right-wing dumbassitude without even leaving the confines of The Politic's neat-o little tree fort.

  • Matthew celebrates one year in power if, by "in power," you mean having "run" the country with a minority government and managed to not set anything on fire or be the direct cause of any tragic deaths. And I'd withhold judgment on that second part for the moment.

  • As if Kathy Shaidle wasn't enough, George gives us yet another reason to cross the street when you see a Catholic coming.

  • Greg finally just gives up on reality when he realizes how fantasy is so much more comfortable.

  • And, God bless him, Spanky comes through and shows us what he's all about. Apparently, this is Spanky's idea of rehabilitating his image.

I'm sure Kate also said something stupid but that might cause dumbassitude overload and a warp core breach and then we'd have to separate the saucer section and you know what a bitch it is to get all that back together.


Ti-Guy said...

A Christian Right conference in Red Deer? Well, that should prove to be a boon for the local gay sex and meth trade.

Phong said...

Children, Ti-Guy, Don't forget about the children.

Ti-Guy said...

Yeah. We should send a heads-up to Family and Children Services in Red Deer. Maybe that closet-case Unruh can get on it.