Thursday, October 20, 2005

You want Canadian content? HERE'S your Canadian content.

No, I definitely don't need to go south of the border when I can find overwhelming wankeritude up here. Welcome back, Pete:

Alot of silly people are currently in the process of soaking their tighty-whities over the prospect of Dick Cheney being implicated in and stepping down as a result of the ongoing investigation into the leak of a CIA agent’s identity.

“Sparked by today’s Washington Post story that suggests Vice President Cheney’s office is involved in the Plame-CIA spy link investigation, government officials and advisers passed around rumors that the vice president might step aside and that President Bush would elevate Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.”

Don’t forget that all of the speculation currently surrounding Cheney is due to a single CIA leak to the media. So let’s step back for a moment.

Sure, Pete, let's do that. It'll give you a second or two to pull total fantasy and delusion out of your ass. Ah, here we go ...

The democratically-elected vice-president is now facing being forced from office over the questionable actions of a non-accountable coercive government agency.

So much wankeritude, so little time. Um ... Pete? Would Cheney be "stepping down" or would he be "forced from office"? Outside of your little echo chamber, there's generally a difference. You should get yourself a good copy editor, I hear they make a world of difference.

And there's no end of irony in someone from Wankerville describing the CIA as "a non-accountable coercive government agency." Sure seems like the CIA were the good guys when they were drumming up bogus WMD data. Talk about fairweather friends.

In Latin America, it’s generally recognized as bad for democracy when the coercive arm of the state threatens the democratically-elected arm of the state. So why are people cheering on the CIA’s vengeful attempts to subvert democracy in the US?

It's called "crime," Pete. Here, look it up. Kind of like the way your ideological buddies couldn't wait to kick that democratically-elected Bill Clinton out of office and "subvert democracy", remember? Man, talk about a selective memory.

BONUS: You have to love Pete's unintentional hilarity in the comments section there, where he writes:

Alot of people just love to hate Bush, period. Well sorry, but I’m not OK with that sort of blind ideological thinking.

Pete, sweetie ... you're not OK with the concept of thinking in general.

DOUBLE PLUS GOOD BONUS: And at no extra charge, we have Pete taking a blunt instrument to logic and critical thinking in the comments section here:

For example: It would demonstrate that Texas Democrats in general are so corrupt that even Earle couldn’t put off prosecuting them.

See how that works? First, Earle is just a Democrat engaged in a hopelessly partisan witch hunt and smear of Tom DeLay. Then, when one points out that Earle has prosecuted four times as many Democrats as Republicans, well, that just proves how corrupt Democrats are.

And, yes, that nagging ache in your neck is whiplash, Pete Rempel-style.


v said...


Shortly before telling me to "fuck off", I accused young Peter of "Excessive Kumbayaism" and being "too Canadian". He replied that he is "one of the least Canadian" bloggers, and given his unCanadian propensity to punish moonbats I tend to agree. Thus, no CanCon for you.

Do you know what they call Bush-obsessed guys like you outside of Canada, out on the backpack circuit? "Canidiots". Smug, obsessed with the USA. You make us all look bad.

CC said...

Shortly before telling me to "fuck off", I accused young Peter ...

You actually told yourself to fuck off? Good. It saves me the trouble.

Mike said...

A little link I thought you'd like. Apparently Dick Cheney's stock in Haliburton has risen 3281% in a single year.

Ya don't think earning that kind of pepper for you and your company (whihc you still draw a salary from) might be what you call 'motive' to persecute a war in Iraq based on fake and faulty intelligence?

Naw! We should simply ignore all that stuff and stick to Canadian stuff like Anuslog would have us do. Why worry ourselves when our biggest trading partner and the largest economy in the world is being run by a criminal gang, starting foreign wars for profit.

Naw, David Dingwall is far more important.