Monday, October 24, 2005

When you've lost Crazy-Assed Bitch™, you've lost America.

It's quite the sight when even psychotic wingnut Michelle Malkin turns on her ideological teammates, as she does here, where she lays a pasting on Republican senator Kay Bailey Hutchison:

The Left had a field day over Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison's remarks on NBC's Meet the Press this morning in which she downplayed possible perjury and obstruction of justice indictments this week in the Rove/Plame/Miller/Libby/God-knows-who-else leak case. I watched the rebroadcast of the show tonight and have to say that I found Hutchison's pooh-poohing more than a bit disturbing.

Note first how the Left has "a field day" over this. See, when the Right goes totally freaking ballistic over, say, some obscure, former academic saying vile things, well, no amount of coverage is too much, since it's necessary to flog that baby until it lies on the ground in bleeding strips. And that issue must be dragged back out on a regular basis to be re-flogged, as proof that all black people hate whites and want to kill them all.

On the other hand, when the Left gets its groove on regarding some issue, well, they're just having a "field day," almost certainly over-reacting, taking things out of context and, in general, blowing things totally out of proportion, if not making this shit up entirely. See how that works?

Anyway, feel free to return to Malkin's piece, in which Hutchison is suddenly a big believer in "innocent until proven guilty" and due process and all that good shit, the impeachment of Bill Clinton notwithstanding.

Man, if the hypocrisy around here were any thicker, you could cut off a piece and club someone to death with it.

AFTERSNARK: It really is breathtaking hypocrisy for anyone in the GOP to be cautioning against legal witch hunts being "a waste of time and taxpayer dollars." How do these cretins live with themselves? Seriously.


Polly Jones said...


I realize that you are passionate about your issues, but please, please don't use the word 'bitch' to describe women. Call them assholes, jerkoffs, stupid fucks,...whatever. But, please no more 'bitch' because the way you're using it is misogynistic.

I hope you will take my comments into consideration.

stellababy said...

right on polly! I wholeheartedly agree.

M@ said...

Polly -- is there any usage of the word "bitch" (other than the canine one) that isn't misogynistic? I don't wish to counter your point, just wondering about the way you worded your request.

Luna said...

Or, better yet, use 'bitch' for men and women. :)

egalia said...

These days, all the women in my neck of the woods consider 'bitch' to be a generic term; we use it to describe men too. Just saying.

We're still having the 'field day' with idiot Hutchison. Check out what she had to say about perjury when a Democrat did it (yeah, you know who I'm talking about).

CC said...

Sorry, folks, but that one's staying. It's a trademark:


I will, however, for the sake of clarity, start adding the trademark symbol. Credit where credit is due.

Luna said...

Excellent. A trademarked insult is a thing of beauty. I'm personally going to trademark "Donny Douchebag" for Rumsfeld. :)

Polly Jones said...


I think your trademark is actually pretty funny, but somehow I doubt that you coined the term.

With regards to whether 'bitch' can ever be used in a non-misogynistic way, I think I have to create a post on my site and ask people what they think!!!

p.s. Since you're trademarking a term that you consider to be misogynistic, does this mean you're officially declaring yourself to be a misogynist???

CC said...

I never claimed to have coined the term. If you follow the link I posted, I make it clear that it was coined by TBogg, who is the same blogger who invented "America's Worst Mother."

Polly Jones said...

Oh, for some reason, I thought the link was going to go up to your post heading...sorry, should have followed through.