Thursday, October 27, 2005

Well, kiss mah grits -- another CBA nomination.

And the nominations threaten to turn into a veritable tidal wave ... OK, there's a second one for "Best Blog Post", for this piece from way back, of which I am more than a little proud.

I guess that means I should get to work on Part 2. Sigh. Sometimes, you people are so needy ...


Miss Cellania said...

Congratulations! Are these chosen by vote, or by a panel of experts? Can I vote? Or do you have to be Canadian?

And thanks for the link to my penguins. Highest traffic day for me EVER!

Scott Tribe said...

Miss Cellania:

The info on the Canadian Blog Awards are here:

However.. I'm pretty confident the voting is open to all.. the restrictions for Canadian content are on the blogs who get nominated (they must be Canadian or run by a Canadian).