Thursday, October 27, 2005

A veritable plethora of penguins.

And being a Linux devotee, I can assure you that there's no such thing as too many penguins.


Simon Pole said...

Yes, but are you a slackware devotee? There are penguins, and then there are penguines.

CC said...

Sorry, dude, I'm a Fedora Core man. And I got me a couple of these as well -- Linux-based PDAs for which I can roll my own distro.

Oh, yeah, this could turn into a "My distro is cooler than your distro" pissing contest really quickly, couldn't it? :-)

Simon Pole said...

Best to leave the pissing contests to Slashdot ;-).

I'm jealous you have a Zaurus. I've been thinking of getting one, but then I'd also have to WiFi everything up, which is still a ways away for me.

Did you get your Zaurus in Canada, and have their been any problems with servicing or anything like that?

CC said...

I bought all of my Zaurii (one 5500, two 6000s) in the U.S., the last two off of Amazon.

Since then, Sharp has stopped selling them in North America entirely. Bastards.

And, yes, you should wi-fi, which is pretty trivial. A cheap Linksys router and you're good to go.