Thursday, October 20, 2005

The utter vacuity of the wankersphere.

If you (God forbid) needed any more proof of the absolute worthlessness of the right-wing echo chamber, how about this one from Instawanker Glenn Reynolds:

RUSSERT, ROVE, AND PLAME: Perhaps we should just indict everyone in Washington for talking to one another. . . .

Sure. It's not like there's any meaningful distinction between having a chat over coffee and, say, exposing a covert CIA operative, then lying about it to a federal prosecutor and grand jury afterwards.

Those left wingers. Ever the hair splitters, aren't we?

P.S. Remember, Reynolds is considered one of Wankerville's leading lights. The rest are allegedly much dumber. If that's physically possible.

, given that the absolute biggest story inside the Beltway these days is Plamegate, what topic do you think is completely and utterly unaddressed at Michelle Malkin's site right this very minute, which goes back to some time on Oct 17?

Go on. Guess. You'll never guess.

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Meaghan Walker-Williams said...


Well of course these leading lights can't address the plamegate issue. They haven't gotten their marching orders from the WH Spin Machine, because he's too busy getting read to defend himself from the probable indictment and charges he'll be dealing with before Oct 28th.

Now the Republicans will have to start thinking for themselves, and that's not going to be easy after 5 years of spewing every cockamamie agit-prop talking point that the Rove Spin Office issued to cover the Presidents ass.

Rove has made a lot of enemies in the past few years within Republican circles, because of the kind of behavior that is finally catching up with him. Now that he's on his way down, notice that NOBODY is trying to catch him, or help him.

Karl Rove may have just learned a truth about politics that he never realized. You are only as good as you are useful to your party. When you cease to be useful, then your party-brethern will be happy to offer up your head on a pike, if that will keep them in power.

Couldn't happen to more deserving guy. I bet John McCain is laughing his ass off at all this!