Saturday, October 29, 2005

OK, I don't get this one.

What is the deal with this post over at LGD™ (reproduced in its entirety):

Miss Mabrouk reports that our friends in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are going to execute a 14-year old boy.

Um ... OK ... and your point is? What? That you're outraged? When did that start?

Remember, readers, these are the same folks who were all gung-ho for the invasion of Iraq and, consequently, the killing of tens of thousands of its civilians (which, need I point out, included more than a few children).

So ... what's the point of this piece? Are they criticizing the Saudis? The liberals? The kid? What? The Saudis are your friends, remember?

I'm so confused.

BY THE WAY, for those who might not have twigged to the point I was making, it seems a bit out of place for anyone in the right-wing wankersphere to be getting all cranked up about the execution of a juvenile in Saudi Arabia when the U.S. itself has a long and sordid history of executing juveniles, and we didn't hear a lot of complaint from those very same wankers about that, did we?

In fact, it was just this year that the U.S. Supreme Court made it unacceptable to execute juveniles. Better late than never, I guess.

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Adam said...

I think they're upset because Saudi Arabia is sounding more and more like Texas...