Sunday, October 30, 2005

My fellow Canadians: after Iran and Syria, we're next.

Well, I never. Apparently, after hockey players and Arctic air masses, our country's most notable export is Islamofascist terrorism, at least according to this wingnut (emphasis added):

But a little perspective would be nice because Mexico isn’t the most imminent danger the USA faces in the neighborhood. Canada is more of an immediate threat to our security by far than is Mexico.

It is true, perhaps, that Mexico is a long-term problem, one measured in decades. But the GWOT is an immediate problem and Canada poses the gravest threat to further attacks on American soil.

Hint to Mr. Huston: if you see us as your biggest threat to national security, then I suggest that the last thing you should be doing is pissing us the fuck off with respect to softwood lumber!!!

If you catch my drift.

(Credit to e-mailer "JPV", who shall remain nameless 'cuz Canadians understand the concept of "covert operative", ya know?)


stellababy said...

I perused some of the other "opinion" pieces this guy wrote. Mr. Huston and Jinx McHue inhabit the same paranoid and surreal universe, where gays should be hanged, feminists should grow balls or shut the fuck up, and gosh darn it! those mouthy Canadians need to install a police state to protect us from terrorists!
The editing on "Conservative Voice" is atrocious as well. I do believe I read "dummer"... sorry, but I learned the proper spelling for "dumb" in kindergarten. Its a necessary word for schoolyard antagonism.

Socialist Swine said...

In the article linked to there was discussion of "deportment". You really can't take seriously political analysis from a guy who doesn't know the word "deportation".

-Socialist Swine