Sunday, October 30, 2005

It's only bad when Christians get beheaded, you know.

Our gal Michelle, very carefully rationing her outrage:

Meanwhile, in Indonesia:

Three teenage Christian girls were beheaded and a fourth was seriously wounded in a savage attack on Saturday by unidentified assailants in the Indonesian province of Central Sulawesi.

Michelle's upset 'cuz, you see, Christians are worth more than the rest of us. Don't make Michelle have to explain this to you, OK?


stellababy said...

I thought Michelle Malkin was Jewish.

Aaron said...

Actually, you are completely out to lunch on your analysis. :P

The fact that they are Christian is incidental to them being members of a Christian school. If they were at an Islamic, Hindu or Jewish school, the headline would reflect this fact.

Christians have been beheaded throughout history, and a beheading is the ultimate symbol of martyrdom for a Christian.

Anonymous said...

Your response is typical of the lobotomized rationale proposed by the atheistic and agnostic population. When the islamofascisti get to your location, and they want to get to you, they will slit your throat from ear to ear. Then you'll see that it's only bad when you are the target, but it will then be difficult for you to cop a cocky attitude about decapitation with your windpipe severed.

CC said...

Dear anonymous:

Approximate deaths in United States each year due solely to gun violence: 50,000.

Approximate deaths in United States each year due to Islamofascist terrorists beheading infidels with machete: Much, much lower.

Try a different argument -- preferably one that doesn't suck.