Thursday, October 27, 2005

The future of Canadian conservatism?

Robert over at My Blahg seems to be channeling some of my recent ponderings, as he gives Canadian conservatives a few examples of what sort of loons they might become if they keep emulating their American counterparts.

If you're a conservative, feel free to promote your favourite conservative ideas. Get involved in the debate, defend your positions, go wild.

But know where to stop. The instant you start promoting Intelligent Design in public schools, or condemning gay marriage, or defending the rights of pharmacists to refuse to dispense birth control, well, you've just crossed that line into pure idiocy and irrelevancy.


Dylan said...

If I said "Amen brother" in response, would that be crossing the line you're talking about?

Wait... don't answer that.

Timmy the G said...

Judging by many right wing blogs in this country, it is already too late, CC. I'd like to see 100 Bound by Gravities out there on the Canadian right. What we get instead are 100 Small Dead Animals.