Monday, October 31, 2005

Countdown to 3,000, anyone?

Apparently, October was a particularly unpleasant month for the U.S. ... uh, sorry, "coalition" troops in Iraq, with 93 American dead. So, if this trend were to continue, the casualty count for American troops should hit 3,000 in ... let's see, divide by three, carry the one ... whoa! Less than a year from now.

I guess all of us ghoulish liberals should start booking those party halls now, right, Jinx?


Jason said...

What do you need a hall for? You've obviously decided to start celebrating already.

Man, how much more morbid can you get, CC? Calculating when the deaths should hit 3000? Disgusting.

CC said...

Oh, dear. Apparently, Jinx has run off to tell the grown-ups on me again.