Saturday, July 23, 2005

Situational logic, right-wing style.

Shorter Kate: "When they say they hate us because of what the left says, well, then it's the left's fault. When they say they hate us because of an oppressive and imperialistic U.S. foreign policy, well ... hey, how about that Lance Armstrong?"

AFTERSNARK: Apparently, according to some of the more thinking-impaired denizens of the right-wing blogosphere, those nasty, homicidal Islamofascists take time out of their busy days to check in on what we on the left have said or written lately, and adjust their plans accordingly.

I wasn't aware I had such power. What a thrill. Under the circumstances, then, a quick note to all those radical, dark-skinned terrorists: this woman really doesn't like Muslims. Not at all. Not even a little bit. In fact, she thinks Gitmo is a real hoot.

It's not like I'm suggesting you do anything about it. But if you really are checking out my blog on a regular basis, well, she's not hard to find.


Meaghan Walker-Williams said...

Hey don't forget Skipper Kate's now infamous commentary about Aboriginal activists in Canada. "Canada needs institutions to lock up the Indian activists and apologists" AND her other sweet thoughts about Canada needing to recreate residential schools for Indian children.

The really sad thing is... Kate actually has a whole stable of conservative blow hards willing to play Gilligan to her Skipper and regardless of how offensive and obnoxious she has become they will defend her, right down the wire.

wpg_guy said...

Kate's site is in the lead for the "Jim Jones Kool-Aid Stand" title.

CC said...

"Kate actually has a whole stable of conservative blow hards willing to play Gilligan to her Skipper..."

I'm sorry ... there are people for whom this woman is a role model? Bloody hell.

sheila said...

I'm really not sure what you self confessed left/libs have to be cynical about ... but keep complaining eventually all that hot air will come back to you in the form of CO2 pollution!!!

CC said...

"I'm really not sure what you self confessed left/libs have to be cynical about ... but keep complaining eventually all that hot air will come back to you in the form of CO2 pollution!!!"

You have a point. Perhaps we whiny, unsatisfied liberals should just suck it up and try to emulate all of those perky, happy right-wingers. Like this guy.

wpg_guy said...

If you missed it, it was a banner day on "Small Dead Animals." Liberals/NDP were universally panned, per usual. The murder of the Russian spam guy was widely applauded. People were quietly advised guns, but the opion as to why was split. Half seemed to fear a Muslim invasion and wanted to defend themselves, the other half just wanted to take matters in their own hands and start shooting people. It was darkly hinted that the leniant Liberal immigration policy was linked to the number of Muslims Martin employed on CSL. (I shit you not.) Deportation was definitely a favoured solution to several problems, both real and imagined. I think they mainly wanted to deport Muslims, but I got the feeling they weren't going to be overly picky in the round-up. All in all, for them, a slow day

Anonymous said...

Nice. Threatening others with violence for speech? I thought even Canuckistan had laws against that.


Anonymous said...

Well, you see, CC is anonymous, so it has nothing to worry about.

It thinks.

protein wisdom said...

You link to a post that's not even BY Kate. I wrote it.

No offense, but how can you expect anyone to take you seriously if can't even negotiate the pedestrian protocols of proper attribution?

Wait, don't answer that, let me guess: give out their contact info! That makes you EDGY and dangerous. And that's even BETTER than serious or intellectually honest. That's, like, activism and shit.

Please tell me you were wearing a beret when you posted this. And black riding boots. Please? Please?

Anonymous said...

Do something about it? What are you suggesting,.....what was your name again? Oh yeah, anonymous pussy.

Anonymous said...

Waaaaah? Is Kate being a net.crybaby about all this?

You check out her posts where she and her gilligans at Small Dead Animals were joking about kicking CBC reporters in the Balls, murdering them, and butchering their dead bodies.

Funny Funny Stuff!


What's Kate upset about again?

Anonymous said...

Here: Try this one to the "Funny Jokes" about murdering CBC reporters by some of Kates Conservative Friends.

Anonymous said...


Since it would appear that poor poor kate is upset that people are joking about doing violence to her...

Check out the following



And as for her attitude about the torture of Muslims...

Look no further than the following joke...

Now I guess at this point one has to ask, why is it funny for Kate and her friends to joke about doing violence to reporters, kick them in the balls, murder them, and butcher their bodies...but if Canadian Cynic does it, this is an truly awful thing.

Kate seems to actually get off on joking about violence done to others. It's a hallmark of her blog.

But now she's crying foul?

Hypocricy Thy Name is KKKate

Anonymous said...

CC - you limpwit. Why don't you let us know what it is that you admire so much about violent Muslim hysteria over Danish cartoons.