Friday, July 29, 2005

Oh, you meant THAT inspector general.

John Bolton: Lying motherfucker. (Pilfered shamelessly from TBogg.)

: You know, it occurs to me, after the weeks of digging around in Bolton's past to demonstrate what sort of drooling, mouth-breathing, amoral, dishonest bully he is, the best strategy on the part of the Democrats might be to just rip him to pieces every which way, then vote to confirm him.

No, wait, come back, hear me out.

Think about it. First, it's not as if whether it's Bolton or not is going to make any difference in the end when it comes to voting at the U.N., is it? Any Bush appointee is going to be taking orders from Commander Chimpy anyway so the votes are going to be exactly the same, regardless of who's pushing the button, or pulling the lever or whatever the hell they do over there.

But Bolton, being the total jackass he is, is guaranteed to piss off pretty much everyone he meets, to the point where people just won't want anything to do with him. I'm sure he won't get invited to parties and when the time comes when the U.S. actually needs some international co-operation and support, all those other countries are suddenly going to have scheduling conflicts or something.

No, I think the Dems should finish the official hearings, rip Bolton a new orifice or two, then vote to confirm. After which they should summarize the kind of worthless thug Bolton is in writing, and arrange for that document to magically find its way into the hands of every other country's representative at the U.N., just so those folks can steel themselves for the piece of human excrement that's about to show up on their doorstep.

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Lord Kitchener's Own said...

I think the Dems will get the best of all possible worlds here, if we stick with your theory that Bolton running amuck at the UN will hurt the Bush Administration and help the Dems politically (and I think there's something to that!).

I don't think they'll need to vote to confirm him though. I think Bush will appoint him in a "recess appointment", which will be great for the Dems, because when he implodes they can say "Hey, we tried everything we could to stop this, but the President went around us while we were in recess."

It'll be sweet.

CC said...

You are not thinking anywhere near deviously enough.

First, by confirming Bolton, the Dems remove the possibility of being accused of being "obstructionist."

Also, if they let this nomination go through, they can ask for some quid pro quo down the road. I mean, if you confirm a lunatic like Bolton, you definitely have the right to call in a favour or two in the future, no?

In any event, if Bush is going to ram Bolton through, might as well go along with it and grab the political advantage that goes with it.

And when Bolton really does implode at the U.N., the Dems can still say, "Told ya so."