Sunday, July 24, 2005

It's quite simple, really.

Confused about the situational ethics of war? Not sure about the inherent complexities of international relations in a time of conflict? No problem. Let Weasel Boy explain it for you:

The "insurgents" don't give medical attention to anyone but their own. They are cowardly, murderous scum. Our soldiers are brave, dedicated heroes.

See how easy that was? Now, go fetch CC some more bourbon.

: Uh oh ...

The Bush administration's rallying call that America is a nation at war is increasingly ringing hollow to men and women in uniform, who argue in frustration that America is not a nation at war, but a nation with only its military at war...

"Nobody in America is asked to sacrifice, except us," said one officer just back from a yearlong tour in Iraq, voicing a frustration now drawing the attention of academic specialists in military sociology...

While officers and enlisted personnel say they enjoy symbolic signs of support, and the high ratings the military now enjoys in public opinion polls, "that's just not enough," said a one-star officer who served in Iraq.

So much for that "dedicated" part.

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