Thursday, July 14, 2005

A homophobic, child-beating parent walks into a bar ...

And in a depressing display of unfortunate timing, we have (following a link from AmericaBlog) the following piece which demonstrates nicely what might happen when people really are that violently opposed to homosexuality:

Thought Toddler Gay, Dad Kills Son

(Tampa, Florida) A 21 year old Tampa man is charged with murder after his 3-year old son was pummeled into unconsciousness and then died.

Ronnie Paris Jr. went on trial for his own life this week in a Tampa courtroom. The toddler's mother, Nysheerah Paris, testified that her husband thought the boy might be gay and would force him to box.

Nysheerah Paris told the court that Paris would make the boy fight with him, slapping the child in the head until he cried or wet himself. She said that on one occasion Paris slammed the child against a wall because he was vomiting.

Well, that's one way to stop him from ever getting into a same-sex marriage, isn't it? I'm sure Cardinal Ouellet is breathing a sigh of relief even as we speak. Better dead than wed, right, Cardinal?

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