Monday, July 25, 2005

Here, let me translate that for you.

The official excuse from Attorney General Alberto Gonzales:

Asked on CBS why he did not investigate the leak when it first became public, Gonzales said: "This is the kind of issue that I felt that we should wait and see whether or not there would be some kind of criminal investigation. And of course, there was."

Shorter Gonzales: "We were hoping it would blow over."


Ahistoricality said...

Ummm.... Isn't the AG supposed to investigate these sorts of things? When he's not issuing torture guidelines and checking my library records, I mean.

t said...

most of us living in the "South-Texas security zone" are pretty sure this is why he was not nominated to the SC. Seeing how he is unwilling to investigate himself, flash forward 5 years... one presumes it would be even more of a challenge for the ramaining 8 to judge a fellow SCJ. But then we are cynical here in South Central Texas.