Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Glass houses, throwing stones and all that.

Back here, in addition to a delightful evisceration of Rachel Marsden, we had the added bonus of a good, hard smackdown of right-wing harpy Debbie Schlussel, who is the consummate poster child for the miracle of makeup.

For reasons known only to Schlussel and her therapist, poor Debbie seems positively fixated on lesbianism, writing:

Take a look at the raven-haired, petite Patrick with her long tresses. Then, look at the 7’2” Margo Dydek of Connecticut’s WNBA team—if you dare. Which one would guys rather date? Which one would most young girls rather be like when they grow up?

Hint: They aren’t making a scale version of Dydek Barbie anytime soon. Dyslexic young girls might unscramble the letters of her surname and get the right idea of what the WNBA is really about.

Now, here's the thing. Without the several pounds of spackle and grout, here's what Schlussel actually looks like (she's the one who's not Sean Hannity). And, here's a pic of Dydek.

The defense rests.


Matthew said...

Good news, it seems Marsden's column didn't appear in last week's Post. I'm hoping that she's been drop-kicked out of their offices, but we'll have to wait for this Wednesday's paper to see. Here's hoping Frum is next.

I slammed Marsden a bit on my own blog, too. As did a friend of mine at blinkit. It seems to be a popular sport. A bit easy, though.

M@ said...

My mind is well and truly blown. I'm not sure why Schlussel is trying to equate basketball with car racing -- while both are arguably sports, one is decidedly more athletic, and that's the reason the sexes compete separately in basketball.

I don't even know why I'm spelling that out, it's so trivial. But there's at least one person in the world stupid enough to need the explanation.

Hint: that person can't spell "fourth".