Saturday, July 23, 2005

Excuse me, I must go kill myself now.

Following a link from Section 15, I took the "Which Star Trek character would I be?" challenge. Apparently, to my undying horror, I'm Wesley Crusher:

A brilliant learner with a knack for almost everything, you choose to spend your efforts in the pursuit of travels that extend your own potential.

Pardon me while I go space myself out the nearest airlock.

CORRECTION: Apparently, the test is not restricted to just Star Trek characters, but more generally SF/fantasy characters. That just makes it hurt even more. Why couldn't I be Galactus? I really want to be Galactus.


smallerdemon said...

Yeah, but it means you go on to have one of the coolest web blogs on the planet. :) And then have thousands of adoring fans.

CC said...

Yes, of course. Wheaton does have a pretty cool blog, which you should check out at least once here.

Happy? Good. Now, where's that airlock?

Simon Pole said...

I ended up as Gandalf, which I quote liked. :-)

Mark Francis said...

I remember the usenet 'Wesley Crusher Die Die Die' bit.

Fidonet (this is from 1991 or so) had a similar forum, and I posted a story whereas Crusher became gay, pissed off Worf, ended up on a gay Klingon battlecruiser and tired out the crew. Worf went over to 'rescue' Crusher, saw what had happened, and killed Crusher. How he killed Crusher was, well, I can't post that here, but Crusher's last words were 'Wow! It's huge and bumpy just like your head!'

I thought it was funny and original, but Wheaton has mentioned on his blog that this was a common way by hateful fans of having Crusher killed.

Rick Barnes said...

I turned up Pecard. That's no fun. Really Wesley would be the most fun!

Ahistoricality said...

I never understood the hostility towards the Wes Crusher character. Always seemed to me that Star Trek fans would be more well-inclined to a young geek.

Mark Francis said...

For the first few seasons, the Weasel was very irritating. He was getting more interesting just when he left the show.

Ahistoricality said...

Mark: doesn't answer my question. I know people were irritated. I still don't understand why. He wasn't really, in talent or ideals, any goofier than anyone else on the show; it's only that he was young. I don't get it.

Rick Barnes said...

I don't quite get the anti Crusher thing either. Some of it may have been due to his "less" than manly look about him. A geek and not Alpha male.

Wesley was big fan favourite along with Picard in the gay community.

Stephanie said...

I turn out to be Galadriel from The Lord of the Rings.

"Possessing a rare combination of wisdom and humility, while serenely dominating your environment you selflessly use your powers to care for others.

Even the smallest person can change the course of the future."

Mark Francis said...

Crusher was just so irritating!

He brought this 'golly gee, Beaver' thing into Star Trek.

But, more specifically:

Kirk never would have tolerated a child on his bridge. I just couldn't buy into having a kid flying the Enterprise.

Imagine a child piloting an aircraft carrier on a regular basis. Even once.

I just couldn't take it. It contradicted the inherent dangers of life aboard a starship.

Then he seemed to lose the 'golly gee' thing. Then he got the uniform.

Then he left the show, just when he was getting interesting.

Ahistoricality said...

Crusher was a token representation of the willingness of Federation society to respond to people's skills and character, rather than to their outward appearance or accidents of age. I missed the memo that said children have no place in adult drama, or that, if they do appear, they have to act like little grownups.

I'm sorry, Mark: Troi was an annoying character; Crusher just demonstrates a narrowness of vision.

By the way, I got Harry Potter on that test. I'm bummed that I didn't come out any of the Babylon 5 characters. But, I finshed the new book

DazzlinDino said...

I was Wesley as well, here is my luch money, save me a beating.....

Declan said...

I got Marcus Cole (jealous, ahistoricality?), who I figure has to be just about the most obscure person in their database. Babylon 5 itself is obscure (compared to Trek or Harry Potter or LotR) and even on Babylon 5, Cole wasn't exactly a major character.

I found Crusher annyoing at times (I guess just for the whole Doogie boy genius thing) but not so much that I would have to kill myself if I came up as him on the test.

Big Rick said...

GOD DAMM IT I got wesley crusher too

I wanted warf or picard or even archer