Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The bundle of contradictions that is Kate McMillan.

Following a link from a comment in a previous post, we have this revealing interview with our good buddy Kate, with the following excerpts (emphasis added):

What do you consider the most important personal quality? Respect for truth - without it, all other qualities or talents are corruptible.

What would be your main blogging advice to a novice blogger? I actually host a Carnival of the Newbies from time to time, and as part of the last one, several bloggers offered their tips. This was mine: Push the envelope, even if it means being wrong from time to time.

Maybe it's just me, but I'm pretty sure you can't believe both of those things at the same time.


Zorpheous said...

Now, now, Canadian Cynic. You know that Kate believes that there is no such thing as "objective truth". Kind of makes it easy for her to dismiss her errors when she can turn around and say "it's subjective truth", yes, no?

Katie really is a piecem isn't she? But the question remains, a piece of what? ;-)

Dr. Dawg said...

I hold no brief for KM--her bigotry and hatred and plain old confusion speak for themselves. But I think you misread her comment about objective truth.

Here's what she says:

Q. What philosophical thesis do you think it most important to combat? A. That objective truth does not exist.

Kate is saying precisely the opposite: that objective truth does exist.

Nor does "pushing the envelope" necessarily contradict the belief in "objective truth." It could be taken to mean, take chances, express yourselves, but expect that you'll be wrong sometimes. In other words, you will not always measure up against "objective truth."

I am mentioning all this because there are quite a few good reasons to go after this awful hater, but you're on a false trail here, best abandoned. Don't mess with her on this: remember, she's a Mensavik.

Zorpheous said...

Dr. Dawg.

I'm just pushing the envolope here and not really worrying about being right. ;-) (if you see my point)

Meaghan Champion said...

I would have to side with Dr.Dawg here. There are many wacky contradictions in Kate McMillan's double-wide philosophy, but the one highlighted here is perhaps the least bizarre and obnoxious.

Consider Dr.Dawg pointing out on his blog the irony that Kate McMillan has written about how horrible and evil a Federal Government-Run National DayCare program would be.

Yet...for some magical mystery reason that only KKKate understands, the creation of Federal Government Run Residential Schools for Indian Kids is just what the doctor ordered!

Shorter Kate: Less Federal Government interference for Non-indians! More Federal Government for Indians!

Focus on that sort of thing.. it really makes the case against her far more damning.