Sunday, July 10, 2005

Americans are dumb? No, seriously.

A couple of days late but, really, an interesting tale of how to attract major industry:

Why Toyota chose Canada over Alabama/Mississippi.

(From the diaries. More evidence that an educated workforce and government-subsidized health care are the best forms of economic development -- kos)

They got a $125 Million is subsidies from the Canadians. But that wasn't what sealed the deal, because several southern states offered nearly double the subsidies. What sealed the deal was the quality of education that their potential workers in Canada possesed.

The extra subsidies offered by the U.S. state would have been eaten up by the need to train and educate the workers in those states to the standards of a modern mechanized and digitized automobile plant.

Read it all. Apparently, just throwing money at foreign corporations isn't enough anymore.

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