Saturday, October 02, 2004

"The debate? No big deal, wasn't that important. Sincerely, the lunatic right."

TBogg gets it exactly right, describing how the neocon, right-wing nutbar fringe built up the first debate as incredibly monumental, earth-shattering, a pivotal point in modern politics and perhaps in the evolution of the universe ... and then, in hindsight, decided that, well, hell, maybe it wasn't that big a deal after all, who cares, it's not like these debates mean anything, etc., etc.

The best part is where TBogg describes one of the perpetrators of this about-face as "the one who gets shot down at the bar by the hot babe and comes back and tells his friends that she's 'probably a lesbian.'" Yeah, that analogy works pretty well here, dontcha think?

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