Saturday, April 24, 2004

The NYT still pretty much a Republican mouthpiece

In an April 22 New York Times article entitled "White House Says Iraq Sovereignty Could Be Limited," reporter Steven R. Weisman writes, "Only 10 weeks from the scheduled transfer of sovereignty, the administration is still not sure exactly who will govern in Baghdad, or precisely how they will be selected." (emphasis added)

Not sure "exactly" ... or "precisely"? Isn't that cute? Sort of like the way someone says, "Well, I'm not totally sure where we are," when what they mean is, "We are completely and utterly freaking lost!"

And given that Weisman's very next sentence is, "A week ago, President Bush agreed to a recommendation by Mr. Brahimi to dismantle the existing Iraqi Governing Council, which was handpicked by the United States, and to replace it with a caretaker government whose makeup is to be decided next month," I think it's safe to say we can interpret Weisman's tap dancing pretty much the same way, no?

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