Friday, April 02, 2004

By the way, he's left-wing. Really.

In today's (April 2) Globe and Mail, in the midst of a lengthy piece entitled "Packaging news when the picture is not pretty" about the decorum involved in covering the killing and mutilation of four Americans in Fallujah, Iraq (more on that bit of journalistic dishonesty shortly), we have the following tasty little excerpt:

"In Britain, the most arresting front page belonged to The Independent, which ran a striking picture of a charred arm reaching out of a square of orange flames, over a secondhand account of the ambush stitched together by left-wing journalist Robert Fisk."

See, he's not just a journalist, he's a left-wing journalist. Which is clearly important to know because, ... um ... because ... hey, how 'bout them Leafs?

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