Friday, September 29, 2023

What in the fuck ...


And yet ...

... those dumbass motherfuckers in Beverly Hills will still vote for this piece of crap.


Canada's right-wing trolls who are furious -- OUTRAGED, I TELL YOU!!!!! -- about the Liberals^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H Speaker of the House accidentally and unknowingly honouring a former Nazi:

totally fine with Opposition MPs openly and knowingly consorting with an actual Nazi:

So ... there's that.

Ezra Levant CC HQ challenge: How much was matched?

While waiting for coffee, I will throw out another CC HQ challenge related to Ezra Levant's frivolous defamation action against me, and it involves his 2016 assurance that all donations to his Indiegogo Fort McMurray "Red Cross" fundraiser would be "matched" -- that is, turned over to the Red Cross by the hard deadline of May 31, 2016 in time to be matched both provincially and federally, effectively tripling the value of those donations.

Here's Ezra, on May 6, 2016, being absolutely clear that that money would be matched:

And here's a snippet of an email I personally received from an official at the Red Cross, disclosing precisely how much was turned over in time to be matched:

As you can see (and which I subsequently confirmed with a followup email), the amount of $60,921.00 that was not turned over until some time in June was not matched, and therefore not tripled in value, screwing the Red Cross out of double that amount, or $121,842.

To the best of my knowledge, Ezra Levant has never conceded publicly how much his vanity Indiegogo fundraiser cost the Red Cross, so I am interested in whether anyone can find a single example of Ezra, at any time on any social media platform, sheepishly admitting that his 2016 fundraiser deprived the Red Cross of well over $100,000.

So that's the second CC HQ challenge: can anyone find, anywhere, a public apology and admission from Ezra Levant as to how much money he cost the Red Cross based on the above?

Lines are open ...

BONUS TRACK: When I was questioned back in October of 2016 by Ezra's then-lawyer, the subject of matching came up and, despite Ezra knowing about the above and admitting in his Statement of Claim that he had failed to match the entire amount, here is a short exchange between his lawyer and me, wherein his lawyer (asking the question in paragraph 180) simply flat-out, bald-faced lies to me about the matching:

The above claim by Ezra's then-lawyer is simply a lie. Ezra knew he'd failed to match the entire amount, and even admitted to it in his Statement of Claim, so it's not clear why his then-lawyer thought it was a good idea to lie to me about it.


Ezra Levant and SLAPP suits: A CC HQ challenge.

As a number of folks have asked about how Ezra Levant's meritless 2016 SLAPP defamation action against me is progressing, I will say only that things are happening, but here's a time-waster for you if you feel like playing detective.

Back in 2016, after numerous people at Rebel Media bragged at the time about having raised "over $160,000",

it was passing strange how, shortly thereafter, the bragging was quietly re-adjusted to gloat about, well, a lesser amount ...

As you can see, Rebel Obergruppenfuhrer Ezra Levant, after all the money had been collected and turned over, was oddly crowing about having raised a clearly lesser value.

According to my timestamps, that latter screenshot was taken on September 11, 2016 but, for the life of me, I cannot find that article/blog post online anywhere. It looks like a Rebel Media post, but no online search I've run can track it down, so there's the challenge -- can anyone find the article associated with that screenshot somewhere on the Intertoobz?

On more than one occasion, I instructed Ezra's current lawyer to advise her client to stop deleting evidence, and I'm not going to say that's what happened here, but it's not like Ezra to stroke himself so lovingly in public, then delete said stroking afterwards. So there you have it ... can anyone find that article online?

And ... go.

P.S. There will be another challenge shortly.

Oh, SNAP!!

17 seconds of brutal smackdown. All that's missing is a string of pearls and a fainting couch.

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Still funny.


This will never get old.

Jesus Christ on a Sybian ...


All that's missing is a diseased goat and Opie from "Family Guy."

O. M. F. G.

The first three minutes of this YouTube video are gold. Pure gold.


I don't think I will ever tire of this.

Wednesday, September 27, 2023


Man who deliberately delivered coffee and donuts to truckers flying swastikas will now be outraged by (*checks notes*) Liberals accidentally honouring a Nazi.

The Beaverton nails it.

What the fuck in the fucking fuck fresh fucking idiocy is this?

If this is true, the farmers in her district are the stupidest carbon-based life forms in the history of the universe.

Funnier and funnier ...

You know what's coming ... yes, you do ...

Technically, I guess he's right.

Tuesday, September 26, 2023



This will never get old.


P.S. This is Donald Trump, openly saying that Gen. Mark Milley should be put to death.

But sure, Ezra, your $3,000 fine for violating election financing laws is important, too.


Dumbass, meet moran:

Saturday, September 23, 2023


Here is ex-Rebeler and DSM-5 exhibit Laura Loomer, auditioning for the position of Mrs. Donald Trump:

Friday, September 22, 2023


It's guilty pleasures time.

List your own guilty pleasure in the comments.


From this week's "Literary ventures that did not age well" files, ...

Tune in next week for Ezra's new book launch, "Jim Jordan, and why he's the future of the Republican Party."

No, Ezra is not being "censored" by the big, bad Liberals.

To no one's surprise, Rebel News Obergruppenfuhrer Ezra Levant is shrieking hysterically about "censorship", and asking for $3.64 million to fight a (*checks notes*) $3,000 fine, which, as I explain back here, was entirely justified.

That is, no one is trying to censor Ezra's utter swill of political illiteracy; the fine in question is because Ezra so clearly violated Section 352 of the Canada Elections Act:

That's it -- Ezra simply failed to properly register as a third party for the purposes of election advertising. This has nothing to do with Ezra's piece of shit book, it's about nothing more than Ezra refusing to play by the rules.

No matter, though -- he'll still rake in tens of millions from the gullible dwonks of Rebel Nation. Let the bucketing begin!

AFTERSNARK: Hilariously, back in late 2021 (Internet Wayback Machine link), Ezra accidentally told the truth about the reason behind the fine that he now describes as "censorship":

Quite so -- even Rebel News occasionally reports accurately, and the above is exactly the reason for the $3,000 fine, related to Canada Elections Act advertising violations.

And now you know.

We're probably not done here.

WHEREIN TNC THROWS EZRA UNDER A BUS: Amusingly, right-wing media outlet and understaffed sewage treatment plant "True North Centre" (TNC) embarrasses Ezra by (unintentionally, I'm sure) undercutting his entire argument. In a January 2021 article, TNC reports that books (and the promotion thereof) are exempt from the Canada Elections Act:

So books are exempt? Unconditionally? Fully and completely? Well, no, as that very same article, only two paragraphs later, points out the obvious exceptions:

As even someone as intellectually crippled as Lorrie Goldstein can appreciate, the Act offers no protection for "books" that were obviously designed and scheduled to coincide with an election to allow said books to skirt the Act, a fact that even Ezra Levant openly admitted in a November 2021 piece:

Understand what you are reading above -- that would be Ezra Levant, clearly disclosing that the $3,000 fine had fuck-all to do with "censorship," and everything to do with faking up a book release to clearly coincide with an election.

In short, none of this has anything to do with book itself, and everything to do with its sleazy and illegal promotion that was so obviously designed to work as election advertising.

Are we done here? Yeah, I think we're done here.

YEAH, THERE'S MORE: Here's Ezra, just yesterday, lying shamelessly:

I'm not sure how many times one must explain that Ezra was never, ever, ever, ever charged for writing a book; he was charged for violating Canada Elections Act advertising regulations for the way he illegally promoted the book.

Oh, and there's this:

$100,000 (and climbing) to contest a $3,000 fine. At what point are the gullible yahoos and hillbillies of "Rebel Nation" going to realize that they are the marks?

Prediction: Ezra will lose this, as the original ruling was perfectly reasonable, and there are absolutely no grounds to overturn it.

Let's watch.

ANYONE HAVE A LINK TO THE FULL RULING? The link I once had to the original ruling against Rebel News is now dead, but I have two screenshots that show, beyond any doubt, how Der Rebel openly timed the release and promotion of Ezra's piece of swill to coincide with the upcoming federal election:

In short, this case isn't even debatable, but Ezra is likely going to crowdfund another million off of arguing about a $3,000 fine.

Thursday, September 21, 2023

If you're sued for defamation by Ezra Levant ...

... here's a little something you might want to bookmark. Over at this post at the Internet Wayback Machine, this would be serial litigant Ezra Levant, openly gloating about how being the defendant in such an action gives him wildly unfettered access to rummage around in someone's internal documents:

Perhaps something to keep in mind if you're the defendant and Ezra is being difficult in terms of discovery and undertakings.

I'm just trying to be helpful.