Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I believe that's what you call "timely."

[Timelier and timelier: Reality marches on, leaving Brian to his comfortable delusions.]

Hey, campers ... remember how Blogging Tory Brian Lemon gave us a rundown on the swell news from Iraq, including this gem?

A government is in place in Iraq which is fighting corruption (not perfectly but progressively) ... While corruption is widespread in Iraq it is declining where as up until the invasion it was rising rapidly.

And then, there's the ugly reality:

Iraq: Third Most Corrupt Country on the Planet
By Spencer Ackerman - September 26, 2007, 11:24AM

Anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International has listed Iraq as the third-most corrupt nation on the planet. Somehow, Haiti, winner of the 2006 Corruption World Cup (Iraq won the bronze that year, too) is no longer as corrupt as Baghdad.

The ranking comes as the State Department has barred its anti-corruption officials from publicly testifying to the House oversight committee about how bad the corruption situation is in Iraq. Maybe that goes a ways toward explaining why Transparency International considers 19 countries less corrupt than the United States.

In unrelated news, Hillary Clinton is actually a carnivorous space alien from Alpha Centauri -- Brian read that on Drudge. No, really.


E in MD said...

In other news....

Congress just passed the "Go fuck yourself, America" amendment condemning MoveOn.Org's right to freedom of expression.

I'm sure the right wingers out there will cheer loudly for that one.

Mike said...


Well if Bill is an alien why not Hilary...

I knew Lemon really was that stupid.

The Seer said...

Be careful what you say. Stephen, Sandra & the Hairdresser (whose name escapes me) got their stew at ninth on the purity list, a veritable consommé of good government.

Hail Harper.