Sunday, September 23, 2007

Blackwater cluefulness: Better late than never.

In the wake of the current outrage over the Blackwater mercenary killing spree in Iraq, it behooves us to ask who the fuck first came up with the word "behooves." No, wait ... wrong column.

Actually, it behooves us to ask how someone can be this obscenely unaware of some fairly important information:

I didn't realize until recently that the contractors hung on the bridge in Baghdad sometime back were not engineers or technical folks, but Blackwater contractors. My outrage over that incident has had to admit to a lesser role.

I'm sorry ... you "didn't realize" something that significant? Here, let me introduce you to someone who was aware of that useful tidbit of information as far back as 2005.

Thank ya, thank ya very much. I'm here until Friday, don't forget to tip your waitress.


The Seer said...

Speaking about Blackwater, trying to improve its numbers by selling weapons in Iraq, I wonder how CIA is financing its off-the-books insurgency in Iran?

E in MD said...

Hey CC.. you're aware of Order 17 right?

Order 17 (PDF), Courtesy of the Iraq provisional authority:

Blackwater is immune to anything the Iraqi gov puts on them.

So sayeth Lord Bush.