Thursday, September 27, 2007

Because it's all about the kids, remember?

On the one hand, Admiral Bunnypants wants another $190 billion so he can keep making Blackwater rich continue padding the pockets of his war profiteering friends carry on with his looting of the U.S. Treasury on behalf of American defense contractors continue killing swarthy, brown people with funny accents keep promoting freedom and democracy in the Middle East.

On the other hand, Bush has promised to veto additional health care for children over a difference of six billion dollars a year. This will, of course, absolutely enrage the compassionate conservatives over at the Blogging Tories who are, as we all know, all about the children.

You didn't even click on that last link, did you? Have I become that predictable?


E in MD said...

Clicking on the link will only further irritate the people who think six billion dollars is a small price to pay to make sure the children the right wing don't want us to abort and every one else get decent health care.

Fuck the tories. Fuck the right wing. Fuck conservatives. Fuck Republicans. I laugh heartily when they turn on each other like rabid dogs. It won't be long now either. The overt hypocrisy in their attitudes and actions will only hold together for a short time.

The Seer said...


What you don't seem to understand is that expaning this program to all these extra kids is the first step towards socialized medicine and/or Canadian-style single-payer medicine! It takes a politician who doesn' read the polls to protect the US from such evils.

(NCLB means Bush's highly praised public school initiative, "No Child Left Behind." You can figure out for yourselves what NCLA means.)

Miss Cellania said...

You must understand, see, for every hundred new children enrolled in the program, maybe five will give up insurance their parents are paying for now. And that will HURT the insurance companies! We have to protect the insurance companies!