Saturday, February 12, 2005

Liberal media? What liberal media?

Kos has a
nice summary of the Washington Post's "incoherence" (his word, nicely chosen) about the Bush administration's refusal to discuss Canadian Maher Arar's arrest and removal to Syria, where he claims to have been tortured. As Kos points out, the WaPo steps on its own tongue when it:
  • first suggests the administration might have a legal claim to not admit anything to Arar, yet
  • suggests that same government "owes more than silence", and that "the American public is entitled to some assurance that the government didn't intentionally send a man to be tortured by Syria and isn't now covering that wrongdoing with a smear."
So the American public (who almost certainly doesn't give a shit about what happened to Arar) is "entitled" to know something about this, but Arar himself isn't. Bastards. Isn't this the sort of thing we have ambassadors for? To grab by the nutsack and twist until we get some answers?

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Andy Dabydeen said...

Maybe the administration should be sent to Syria. Apparently they're practised in the grabbing and twisting department.