Tuesday, February 15, 2005

And just when did Hungary get so excited over Canadian cynicism?

My recent sitemeter output shows a flurry of hits from Hungary of all places, and from different domains to boot. I can't imagine that Hungarians suddenly developed a taste for Canadian snark, so I'm a bit puzzled as to what's going on here.

Thoughts from the more experienced bloggers?

P.S.: The sitemeter output shows only the top-level domain name, so there's nothing to identify you below that, in case you were worried about your identity being compromised. Like I said, I'm just curious.


Anonymous said...

I'm from Hungary, and came here because of Daniel Bezdek, the guy who solved the Durer problem. The guy is Hungarian.

CC said...

From CC:

Ah, OK, that clears up that little mystery. You do realize that I was just using his mathematical brilliance to set up a satire of right-wing silliness, right? Sadly, a few people didn't get the joke.