Sunday, May 23, 2010

So, how's that "Drill, baby, drill!" working out for ya?

Oh, dear ... not so well:

With some oil impossible to remove, nature may be the last, worst hope
Cleanup could do more harm than good in marshes, so officials may have to let the disaster run its course

... More than 80 kilometres of Louisiana's delicate shoreline have been soiled by the massive slick unleashed after the Deepwater Horizon burned and sank last month. Officials fear oil eventually could invade wetlands and beaches from Texas to Florida. Louisiana is expected to be hit hardest.

Officials on Louisiana's coast discovered a major pelican rookery awash in oil on Saturday. Hundreds of birds nest on the island, and an Associated Press photographer saw that at least some birds and their eggs were stained with the ooze. Nests were perched in mangroves directly above patches of crude.

In unrelated news, today's conservatives wish government would get off the backs of big business because government just gets in the way of profit. Or something like that.


mikmik said...

we are sadistwe are golden

Anonymous said...

Of course when capitalism goes all wrong, they will whine for government intervention...

All ready some are calling for the government to clean up the BP mess.

"Why was the army not called in?" they cry... We'll I'd guess that it's not their primary mission...

These people are idiot.

Closer to home, I see that after Harper's victory over the Afghani document issue, he's decided that staffers can no longer testify at committees... Expect Iggy to pay lip service and retire to his cave to write another book or jerkoff to pictures of himself... Fuck parliament and democracy.

stageleft said...

I doubt the majority of Americans care much if the gulf coast is awash in oil as long as gas is cheap.