Thursday, May 20, 2010

So, how's that "Drill, baby, drill!" working out for ya?

Oh, dear ... not so well. In unrelated news, Canada's conservatives who profess to be terribly, terribly concerned about this environmental disaster would like to remind you to Shut The Fuck Up about your stupid Earth Hour.

I would have used quotes but it's just a paraphrase.


The Seer said...

What I like best about this whole business is that it's just a question of time before British Petroleum's oil reaches the Gulf Stream. Does anyone know where the Gulf Stream ends up? Does anyone know why London, which is a far north as Moscow, hardly ever has snow? Just deserts if you ask me.

Lindsay Stewart said...

since the tarsand whores are in power at the moment the inevitable ecological nightmare brewing out alberta way should have a nice conjob capital c stamped on it. regulation is for people who don't understand how important rape and pillage are to the economy of a few major contributors.