Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sex, Stephen Harper style.

During which Stephen the Corpulent lubes up, Mike Duffy bends over and the Canadian public gets fucked.

HOW ... ODD: If one follows the link from Steve V's to here, that CTV article appears to have been massively rewritten already. The title is no longer "PMO says it didn't rewrite youth forum questions," it's "Harper wants economy, not 'sideshows,' focus of G20."

The fact that something's changed can be seen here, where the title is, once again, given as "PMO says it didn't rewrite youth forum questions - CTV News," but that link clearly takes you to the newer version.

One apparently needs to go to other media outlets like this to see the original piece. How curious.


It was fun while it lasted.

WTF? Following that earlier link to the Chronicle Herald piece, we find what appears to be the same article, but with a whole new headline: "Youths unimpressed with 'open' dialogue with PM." Oh, and what the hell is up with this?

Two other youths had earlier explained that the questions were selected by Vision Internationale, a non-profit Christian group, and then edited by Harper’s office.

So Christian groups are now in charge of carefully excising what might offend Prime Minister Il Douche's delicate sensibilities? When exactly did that happen?


mikmik said...
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Lindsay Stewart said...

not a christian group so far as i could find. but a group underwritten by oil and energy companies and government. tomorrow's corporate miscreants in training.

Anonymous said...

The Globe and Mail and LeDevoir have picked up on this story.

Now I'm trying to figure out who pays Duffy for fluffing the PM?

I hope that someone ask the PM, who do you vet your questions? Is that transparency?

Nitetripper1965 said...

Jeezis H Christ. These guys are even bigger pricks than I thought.