Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sara would appreciate it if you fucked off.

Blogging Tory and "Choice for Childcare" blogger Sara Landriault has a message for you:

Personal note:

Fuck off!

Sara will now return to lecturing people about civility and decorum, and blogging about proper child care and how best to raise those fucking kids of yours.

P.S. We're not done with Sara yet. Oh, no.


liberal supporter said...

She wants to be paid the same as a child care worker or even a school teacher for caring for her own kids, but refuses to consider meeting any standards for qualification or accountability of said paid activity.

A fine example of the CPC mantra "accountability for thee but not for me".

Anonymous said...

Liberal supporter you are quite right.
What sara landriault wants is to be a paid say at home mom. Now if you were a man wanting the same you'd be a bum.

I remember she was pissed that she had to take a job to make ends meet last year.

Unlike the moniker on her blog, she is not about choice or equality, she wants to go back to a 50's ideal of a family. One that never existing but also adding the she get paid to sit on her ass and eat bonbons...

And if she can't have her way, but darn gosh she will rally and cry against universal childcare.

She kind of reminds me of that other loon R.G. Harvie - except she is much more creepier and has 1/3 of intellectual capacity.

On of her many problems is that she said she is looking for "choice in childcare" but in reality is just sucking on Harper's tailpipe.
Apart from regurgatating Connie talking points, she is not advancing anything. In other words, Sara Landriault is a liar.

Sparky said...

My wife and I discussed this before our son was born over a year ago. We decided that it's within our means to live off my salary so she resigned her position from her company.
And knowing what she goes through as a 'stay-at-home-mom'--not from trying to raise our son, but from other parents who 'tut-tut' our decision--'what kind of life are you offering your son with only 1 salary?? You won't be able to afford all the stuff he needs!!!'
Now I'll quote whazzername--
Personal note--
Fuck off!

Niles said...

...is she rockin' the sarah palin clone look in the sidebar?

Lindsay Stewart said...

heh. can't blame the rest of the world because she didn't marry well. where's the alphamale conswervative provider she's supposed to have cleaved to? she's just bitter that she's little better than the appendage of a loser.

Moon Rattled said...

Yes, Niles, I wondered that too. The photo makes her look twitchy, like the Chief Inspector in the Clouseau movies.

Funnily when I first glanced at her name I thought is read "Landfill" which is rather precious, I think.

Moon Rattled said...

Btw, she has a blog post titled "Fiberals admit HST will hurt".

Someone needs to tell the poor dear that Harper's pushing the HST with every fiber of his being. Every province agreeing to it gets a boat load of cash from Steve.