Thursday, May 20, 2010

PIMP UR BLOG! (Or someone else's if you must.)

And here's where I get to be awesomely lazy and let you do all the work by recommending bloggy-type things out there that would appeal to the regular readership here at CC HQ. (And by appealing, I mean having the nads to refer to screechy, vacuous douchebags as, you know, "screechy, vacuous douchebags". Or, for the sake of brevity, "Ezras.")

Leave recommendations in the comments section. Use hyperlinks. If you don't know how to use hyperlinks, figure it out. Or join the Blogging Tories. Whatever.

I'll start things off here. And ... go.


Dr.Dawg said...

Separated at birth?

CC said...

That. Is. Awesome.

M@ said...

Sabina C. Becker has a new fucking fan right fucking here. Fuck. She's rockin'.

Dave said...


JP said...

While my blog is not focused solely on politics, do talk shop here and there. As a long time CC reader, I appreciate the opportunity to pimp my blog since I'm just starting out:

I Speak Awesome

Frank Frink said...

Hmm... OK, Dawg. I'll give some on the resemblance but Bubbles is clearly much brighter and more humane than Ezra.

No shit! wv = "pantin"

Holly Stick said...

Bubbles is obviously the good twin, which makes Ezra the evul one.

Cameron Campbell said...

Given that I live in kiwiland right now, I'm looking at some blogs over here. The irony (is that the right world, DAMN YOU ALANIS!) is that I've moved from one country run by a right wing tool to another one run by a right wing tool.

TUMEKE! rocks. Snarky. Angry. Smart.
The Dim-Post is good as well. Politics. Snark. Mocking of The Dominion Post (Wellington's paper - think umm.. the Globe but with way worse journalism - sort of).
More on the harder news/aggregator/comment front (IE I think they make money) is Public Address.

My buddy's Roberto and Bianca are on a round the world trip and are blogging/podcasting/vbloging the living shit out of it: MojoTrotters

Sometimes you must turn off your brain:
Geekologie and SE both help me with that (Though, to be fair SE has a TON of politics).

My blog is basically shuttered right now.

Fillibluster said...

Thanks for the recommendation Dawg!