Saturday, May 01, 2010

"Just ask if you want me to stop. No? Very well ..."

Oh, Christ:

Military Police Complaints Commission chairman Glenn Stannard: "Did you say the information contained in the un-redacted [version] really isn’t critical – or did I misread that?"

Justice Department lawyer Alain Préfontaine: "No, you didn’t Mr. Stannard."

Stannard: "Just a real silly question then: any reason why we don’t have it? "

Préfontaine: "Because disclosure would be injurious to either national defence, international relations or national security."

Stannard: "Even though it’s not critical information?"

Préfontaine: "Well it might be that the information has nothing to do with what Mr. Colvin makes it out to be."

God help me, what comes unbidden to mind is that I have abducted Mr. Prefontaine, tied him securely, duct-taped his mouth and have started smacking him around with some industrial-strength battery cable, all the while saying, "If you want me to stop, Alain, just say so."

Alain: "Mmmm ... urrrrghhhhhh ... MMMMMM!!"

"No? All right, then ..." *WHAP!*

It's just a fantasy. I will try to tamp it back down again. You know, into the same dark corner with my obsession with "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey.

Yeah ... the really bad corner.

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Anonymous said...

I will be less magnanimous with Alain Préfontaine and just wish him a good nad kicking.

This kind of weasel is just sickening. He's not a lawyer, he is scum.