Saturday, May 08, 2010

From Stephen Harper's ass to Stephen Taylor's keyboard.

Captain Canada and adorable smear merchant Stephen Taylor drags himself out of bed, checks his e-mail for marching orders from the PMO, and dutifully gets to work:

Oops, I’m sorry. The paragraph above erroneously cited the name of Rahim Jaffer. The excerpt above is not about the former MP who is the subject of a probe into website fibbery (and some alleged “puffery”) by the House of Commons ethics committee, but was rather in reference to a sitting Member of Parliament. I regret the deliberate yet illustrative error.

Wow, MP Derek Lee must have done something egregiously unethical to merit this kind of smear. Oh, wait ... Taylor continues:

Now, of course, Lee has has [sic] probably not anything [sic] wrong here ...

But "probably" not doing anything wrong has never been a defense when Stephen Taylor is on the case. Hey, Stephen Taylor has probably never snorted coke off a busty hooker's ass. Probably. And let's not let facts like that Lee cleared all of his work through the Ethics Commissioner before doing any of it get in the way of a good old-fashioned character assassination.

In any event, we can safely conclude that Taylor and his coterie of brain-damaged flying monkeys have all received their instructions and are on the march, torches and pitchforks in hand. Because Rahim Jaffer is to be defended at all costs. And if Derek Lee turns out to be collateral damage, so be it.

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Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that those little monkeys at the Manning Centre for Democracy googled like hell every liberal party member name to look for the most spurious connection to invent set ups.

Liberals, to them, have to be purer than white (meaning you have to add some blue to them) while Conservatives can unethical and morally deprived hypocrites.

I'm sure that if pictures of McVety showed up of him having sex with little boys while snorting cocaine off Harpers ass crack Taylor would be able to excuse that as the fault of Adscam. That's just they way they rock: complete and utter absence from reality.

How else explain their love and defence of cokehead Rahim Jaffer, his lobbying or his equally ethically dubious wife Helena....

Except for a few journalists, the majority have shown themselves to be nothing more than paid stenographers and full time fluffers. If only they could start reporting instead of transcribing they would see that the allegations against Derek Lee is an attempt to change the channel. Another safe bet is that any "misdoing" by Lee would be a thousand times less severe than what Jaffers has done. I'm sure that if journalists started to look at the behaviour of certain Connies, previous positions they occupied and present government contracts the links would outrage many.
The military contracts for example would be hilarious to follow....