Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dishonest or retarded? You make the call!

Rapidly making a name for himself as one of the Dumbass-o-sphere's most deranged lunatics, Blogging Tory "BC Blue" can't even defend his own rantings:

Liberal president Alfred Apps is getting a taste of his own party’s medicine when he and his law firm were connected to one of the central figures in the Jaffer/Guergis saga by private dick Derrick Snowdy during his testimony in front of the government operations committee.

"Connected?" "Connected," you say? Oh, dear, that must be horrifically embarrassing -- to be caught intimately entwined with a shyster like Gillani. So, Blue, what exactly do we mean by "connected?" Oh:

Nazim Gillani had given Apps a retainer back in 2006 but after the law firm did a little checking into him, returned it.

You know, Blue, that idiotic blog post would have had more impact if you hadn't actually admitted it was total shit in your second paragraph. I'm just saying.


Brian Busby said...

BC Blue has been struggling lately. Just look at yesterday's post, "Big surprise: No MSM coverage on Lib MP criminal charge".

Odd, I thought, the CBC covered the story on radio and television. But then one reads further and sees that BC Blue is making this claim about the print media: "I didn’t see one story about this all weekend and looking through Monday’s papers, not a peep. Of course there were and are still multiple Jaffer/Guergis stories…"

Well, I did, in the pages of The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail and The Gazette. Further investigation showed that the no fewer than 14 newspaper websites featured coverage of the Rodriguez story.

Don't think to pass on this information to BC Blue. I did, along with links - my comment wasn't posted.

CC said...

And that is why we mock them.

Sparky said...

Adscam reared it's ugly and very outdated head in the second comment.
We can probably get a good pool going by betting how quickly the word 'adscam' shows up in any discussion regarding conservative malfeasance.