Monday, May 10, 2010


In the midst of Canadian whingers slowly puzzling out how our public library system works, we have the following suggestion by one "Thucydides":

Other names to look for (and request) would include Russel Kirk, Friedrich von Hayek, Ayn Rand (her collections of non fiction and philosophy essays), Ludwig von Mises and Preston Manning.

A mass campaign to get these books and others into libraries across the nation would be a true "shock and awe" moment for the conservative movement, and actually having these books in the libraries might inspire a few more minds out there.

An excellent suggestion, and wouldn't it be awesome to use the publicly-funded, taxpayer-supported library system to act as the delivery system for the merits of unbridled, unfettered, unregulated capitalism? What a master stroke of pure irony!

I suspect this will also be the only time you see the phrases "shock and awe" and "Preston Manning" in geographical proximity.

P.S. It's always a bad idea to mix books and conservatives. The unfamiliarity and all that.


dupmar said...

It would appear the blogging tories have inadvertently discovered another battlefield
for the "culture war", namely the "ideological bias" of the acquisitions policy of public
libraries, largely through the complaints of a recent convert to the blogging tory aggregate
from Liberal party ranks. Such arena was previously ignored as most of this contingent displayed
little familiarity with such public institutions, on the contrary displaying an ideological
aversion to such familiarity, believing such institutions should be avoided, scoffing at the notion
of funding for the arts, or intellectual pursuits in the "humanities", apparently believing libraries should be
privately held and acquired and too bad for those who can't afford the cost.

Little wonder that their preferred authors are largely ignored by most public librairies,
if this speaks to a bias, it is rather further proof to the assertion their ideological
inspiration is largely removed and alien to the cultural and ideological mainstream of this nation, in either major language constituency, and that they are seeking to introduce a culture and ideology previously considered fringe to Canadian core beliefs.

I did though particularly enjoy Mr. Kan's autobiographical narrative, in three parts, on his conversion from Liberal Party ranks to those of the blogging tory aggregate, especially his account of his participation
in the 2004 and 2006 election campaigns under the Liberal Party banner, wherein he accuses fellow blooging tories of brazenly removing, in broad daylight, Liberal campaign material in Mississauga, and of displaying their talents as graffiti artists by blackening teeth and painting beards and mustaches on the campaign posters for the female Liberal Party candidate in his Mississauga riding.

mikmik said...

The media, teachers, libraries, all have a liberal bias...
Funny that. The more knowledge and education are involved, the more it is biased. Face it, logic and empirical evidence are tools of the radical left.