Tuesday, May 18, 2010

As God is my witness, ...

... I have no idea whose side to take here.


Rev.Paperboy said...

this is like a bank robber suing Goodyear because of a flat tire on the getaway car leading to a long prison term.

Southern Quebec said...

Take the lawyers side. They ALWAYS win!

Niles said...

I dunno. It was lawyers that took the case to court in the first place. Is there a higher standard in Canada for presenting such things?

On the face of it, the specific situation sounds ridiculous, but if you strip off the emotional parts, it sounds like a question of privacy act stuff. Somewhere in the vague outlines of the article, the husband was able to access the wife's information, not by his own investigation, but by the company's release of information to him, addressed to him.

IE: are the regulations around private information falling through a loophole/gap when it comes to married people (at the same address?).

Not being a legal expert, if Rogers satisfies the court they met present regulatory conditions, then she's on her own (and has a few other issues by the intimated sounds of it)

If they met present regulations, but this *is* a loophole/gap, nevermind the Weird Extreme this has been taken to, it seems improved privacy regulation would be required.

How that sort of argument squares with the snooping the government wants to allow under things like the copyright laws being proposed through internet companies like Rogers, I dunno.