Thursday, May 13, 2010

And from the "Department of Spectacularly Bad Timing" ...

Given today's news of Stephen Harper's scuttling of Canada's patrol fleet, one hopes that this sanctimonious twatwaffle has the grace to be appropriately embarrassed (all emphasis tail-waggingly added):

Credit for Harper is long overdue

By Gerald Hall, Times Colonist May 13, 2010

It is refreshing to see the prestigious Economist magazine and German Chancellor Angela Merkel come to Stephen Harper's rescue with some well-deserved accolades for leadership in his stubborn resistance to European pressure for a new global tax on banks.

Harper has not only managed to generally govern quite admirably for the past four years, but without the advantage of a parliamentary majority he has successfully guided our economy through the current economic turbulence.

He deserves credit for the attention given the Arctic with the building of a commercial fisheries harbour, geo-mapping to upgrade Arctic research and plans to build the John G. Diefenbaker icebreaker. Significant progress on social policies has been achieved like making Employment Insurance more available and extending parental benefits for the self-employed, strengthening Internet child pornography laws and increased funding for health inspection of food. The government has been strong on crime and justice issues, defence and military policies and continues to work for Parliamentary reform and has supported quite generously specific initiatives such as the Olympics.

Harper and the Conservatives have progressed well beyond rhetoric with concrete achievements and deserve the chance to prove what they could do with a majority government.

Gerald Hall


Unsurprisingly, charter members of the Stephen Harper Glee Club have already creamed themselves in agreement.

Yeah, that's kinda awkward.


Gene Rayburn said...

Maybe someone should buy that douchenozzle a ticket to the real world so he can see what kind of shite poses for the PM these days.

My I'm a bit snarky today.

double nickel said...

The greyhairs in Victoria will gobble that shit up though.

Gene Rayburn said...

then we're lucky that Victoria residents aren't the only ones that vote.

Gayle said...

Was that one of those pre-fab letters supporters can get from the conservative website?

Luna said...

Gah. I'm in Victoria, and I cannot STAND these types of people. I don't buy that crappy newspaper, so I hadn't read that, but damn... Absolutely sickening.